Current my FE tech stack

  • React
  • Redux for state management
  • Redux-saga for asynchonous tasks
  • Axios for api call
  • Nextjs for server side render
  • Scss
  • Cypress for integration testing
  • React-testing-library for unit test
  • NX for monorepo management

Some coding convention:

  • Use create-react-app for create react app
  • Import scss file direct from component (I don't use css module because usually I want to override css of library)
  • Use Utility first approach
  • Microfrontend for large projects
  • Lazy load components and code splitting
  • For page render large element, consider use React-window library for only render parts in screen.
  • A component just do one job, keep it as small as possible.
  • Have prettier and eslint

My favorite UI library: Antd, Tailwindcss

Some technologies trying:

  • Graphql

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